About Us

Our Team

We are led by an experienced team of professionals with backgrounds in construction, engineering, finance and research. 


We derive our name "ENSTASTRUCTUR" from the combination of words - "instant" and "structure" due to the nature of our construction solutions. These blocks are assembled to build structures instantaneously without the need of expensive joining techniques or intensive labour hours. Thus, resulting in reduction in construction times by up-to 50%. We provide block solutions exclusively for "BLOCKWALLS, U.K."


At Blockwalls, we are constantly innovating and exploring new methods and techniques to produce novel solutions for our clients. This separates us from our competition and allows us to be trusted partners for our customers. In the past, structural designers had issues specifying various types of retaining walls because of limited time for construction and expensive solutions on the market. By choosing interlocking concrete lego blocks, contractors are completing projects in record time and well below budget in the U.K. Thus making our products a lucrative option for infrastructure projects, civil and ground works, highway and bridge retention.