World class concrete expertise through collaboration with leading research institutes and researchers in Europe. Our concrete classes are tailored to the requirements of the customer with respect to cost, availability and strength. According to industrial standard codes we have developed 3 different mixes that are currently in use:

  • Standard concrete
  • Recycled concrete
  • Sustainable concrete


ENSTAblok moulds are shipped to India from Europe directly to licensed partners.


  • Block manufacturing quantity of 12,000 per annum with standard concrete casting techniques in 8 hour shifts.
  • At full capacity, 50,000 concrete blocks can be manufactured using our production methods within Year 3.
  • In house facility with 10,000 sq. ft: mix - mould - cast - cure - store - sell.
  • Ready mix concrete for greater mobility and reduction of logistic expenses.


Our products are tested for strength.

 This is a crucial aspect to meet our clients' needs. Concrete is a cocktail of several building materials such as aggregates, cement and sand. Our concrete block mixes are made with constituents that have passed particle test analysis. We test materials from different sources to provide cost effective solutions in the form of quality tested concrete lego blocks. Our licensed partners benefit from:

  • Alternative materials
  • Bespoke mix designs
  • Reduce input costs
  • Material Sourcing
  • Product testing

Imported Moulds

EnstaBlok Moulds and other essential equipment are shipped directly from Europe to manufacturing facilities of licensed partners.


Ten Commandments

Here at Enstastructur, we pride ourselves on a holistic approach as a design and manufacturing consultancy. For our Licensed Partners in India, we provide:

  1. Marketing materials
  2. Manufacturing plans
  3. Production schedules
  4. Maintenance schedules
  5. Use of patent applications
  6. Supply & install of equipment
  7. Blockwalls will provide complete support
  8. Exclusive support line from Blockwalls, U.K.
  9. Training of all staff and customer awareness
  10. Blockwalls will supply moulds and test materials

Blockwalls operates to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system